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Business development requires organisations to adopt new strategies and tactics to adapt to opportunities and challenges created by the increasing use and constant evolution of business landscapes. It’s harder to get buyers on the phone, and to get them to listen to a pitch, either on the phone or in person. Many prefer to be in charge of the acquisition process by doing their own research online and only interacting with potential vendors and service providers that they think offer viable solutions to their problems (when they’re ready, and on their terms). The choices out there are a lot – and potentially overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to begin, how to prioritise, how and where to engage. 

We dive deep into your business, and try to understand how everything works, from customer relations and product development to your corporate culture.  Generally we favor embedding our consultants into your business because this allows us to co-create solutions with your teams and to have the time to implement, test and iterate on the solutions needed for your business to succeed.





All estimates are specific to project scope and scheduling.



We are a small business we never thought we’d find a service like this for our kind of outfit
— Olaoluwa Balogun
It’s so amazing that the transparency Penslate brings on board. They blew my mind literally the options they offer didn’t seem to exist until they mentioned them
— Omar Abubakar
They are like a Wiki. All I would say is never work without them.
— Chinedu Nebuwa



We only work with the best materials available and we do not compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules and we strive for honest customer service, so contracts are paid in part to initiate the project and in full when the project is complete.


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We started out as hobbyist about seven years ago, our combined experience made us realise that we could understand company needs and that we can deploy effective solutions without compromising quality. We decided to start this company in 2015 because we love research and we felt a lot of organisations large and small would benefit from our approach.